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...::: Message to Bangladesh Government , Middle East & To The World :::...

The international media groups have been unfair to Myanmar and to the Rakkhine victims of the Rohingya attack.
It is obvious that the Rohingyas are the attackers.
Why would the majority Rakkhine leave their homes, and get their properties torched if they were the attackers?

We(Myanmar Citizens) would like to ask the international entities who speak up for Rohingyas. Who would speak up for the Rakkhines whose homes were ablazed? Who would seek justice for the Rakkhines who were brutally murdered by the Rohingyas during the Arakan massacred? You suggested the government of Myanmar of accept the Rohingyas. Were you there when the Rohingyas raped our women? Were you there when they splashed kerosene at our homes and burnt them down? Were you there when they brutally murder our people?

Get up and set your foot on our Arakan land. Hear our cries. Feel our sorrow. Touch our tears. Touch our blood. See the carcasses. See the faces. It is for real. None of these are fabricated nor manipulated. The victims are the Rakkhines, the innocent villagers who were killed by the Rohingya terrorists. Why did Rohingyas kill the villagers? The answer is simple. It is because Rohingyas are not one of us, not one of the ethnic group of Myanmar.
In fact, they are terrorists!

Anti - Rohingya || Anti - Terrorists


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