> To those who think they can dox BHG with wrong information. 

Your finding is nothing in Myanmar underground society, it rather amused us. You think, people who shared BHG news on facebook are BHG members, then suck to be you. Keep on trying to convince someone by screenshot of all public posts of BHG fans, and some of make up forensic reports. Don't you even know how to run honeypot? Did you ever have a chance about finding the BHG guys at your honeypot?

Beside, all of your reports are kinda like gossip/made up by someone who don't even know what the BHG is.  Where do you get that guy, who think everyone he finds are BHG members. Here is a tip for you. If he is giving you more than 6 members, you are out of luck. If he gave the name of other group's members as BHG, then he failed you again, researcher! Is that the skills you got, asking someone/keep on track on fan posts only? Without knowing Myanmar underground online network, your research project will not even get off the ground. Before you show some of your so-called research reports more, we would like to give you 10 years to figure who are real 6 active members of BHG, and our locations. Don't be rush, take your time, you got a decade.

Those allegations you made up against BHG fans are trouble some you asked for, you know what the consequence will be. We will watch our fan respond to you.

Remember, BHG always claims responsible when we did, and we stand for the right. Don't try to make a mess with your wrong doxing, you got a decade of chance to sniff.

Stay frosty, my friend!