When Facebook don't concern about Muslims propagandists and fake accounts/pages/abusing pages on Facebook, BHG & Myanmar underground hackers stood and took down those accounts/pages last week about more than 280 accounts/pages as we promised and stand for Myanmar Nation.

Project MCA [Facebook Tangodown : Muslims Propagandists]

Facebook Rep Team, you all should aware about Muslims propagandists who were telling lies and posting nonsense about Myanmar on facebook, and you may allow such things for mistaken. You may receive massive reports on those faked accounts & pages, and their appeal letters to bring their accounts/pages back on Facebook.

Thus, facebook may allowed those douche bags, but we against it. That's why, we have taken down more than 270 accounts/pages are taken down within two days, but Facebook  failed approved after those Muslims propagandists and fake accounts owners cried out for our attacked, and approved propagandists 132 pages/accounts be back on Facebook.

Facebook, We, BHG & Myanmar Hackers take down those pages/accounts for reasons, they were the Muslims propagandists and fake accounts/pages/abusing pages on facebook and they broke ToC of Facebook. That's why we took down their pages,  and let them be down, don't bring them back after their appeal.  According to our beliefs, Facebook should concern about social standpoints, when people doesn't need to see propagandists/fake pages, Facebook should take down in the name of social respects no matter what.

you can view all lists of Muslims propagandists on Facebook at MCA page - Myanmar Version) 

However, We the BHG & Myanmar underground hackers are against the Muslim propagandists who were/are spreading trump-up stories and wrong informations about Myanmar on Facebook.