Surprise Mother Fucker Indonesians Lamers, you wanted to attack Myanmar sites, we just give you little surprise for you! Hope your government sites are looking nice with our deface pages, and some where destroyed.. some business sites went down for lost!

 (indo gov sites were pwned & defaced by BHG)

Is that you were looking for? nice impact right? Think about how much you guys will lost? that is like our win-win to destroy with reasons! you wanna see more... And we promise that we will attack more... these are just for begin ;P

According to indo cyber societies, we were told that 200+ indonesia sites were gone so far... Don't be sad, it is the time.. cheers up, indonesian!

Following  lists which were destroyed by All Myanmar Underground Hacktivists in Last week... This is the off-records. {database drop} {database drop}

And wait... more to come... stay tune!

Greets to all Myanmar underground Hacktivists!