Really? Irrawaddy?

Black color doesn't represent at all they are from Africa.
Staying at Some Place doesn't represent they own the place.

"Rohingya" so called doesn't represent at all that they are from Arakan State (Rakhine State). Let me educate to you if you are still blind that these so called "Rohingya" are opportunities seekers (illegal immigrants from Bangladesh) with false identities using Myanmar country name, they are causing our country name in other societies as bad country... On the other hands, your Media doesn't take ethic at news and loyal to nations. Oh I forget you guys were refugees in Thailand who were begging for money from NGOs. Bagger likes Bagger? Anyway, let's get back to our business why we take action on you...

Your Media is keep promoting for Rohingya, don't you feel ashamed being Myanmar causing Myanmar country name as bad names... Let me tell you that bad mouthing with false news always came out from bitches.

 Do you really feel happy when Bengali are taking Myanmar national lives and house burn down in Arakan? you all know that they are keep attacking Myanmar national every days in Arakan. But you guys ignore about it, but you want to bad mouth with false news.

Those Bengali (illegal immigrants) seek for Malaysia refugee status, that's why they left from Bangladesh, not from Myanmar...They are not Myanmar Nationality at all.

These Bengali illegal immigrants are trying to get into Malaysia/Thailand, even third countries, before that they are going to use Myanmar country name to get Refugee status from UNHCR...

Enough is enough...But your media is keep doing non-sense.  Your media and you people know all the out comes, but you keep promoting in order to create news which are non-senses with wrongful information. if your hands are free enough to report, then do something good for Myanmar. 

You should stop promoting such name like "Rohingya are from Myanmar". But for now, we are giving you a rest for a while... BTW... rest for a while then for now..