BackBurn is a liar and a bitch of script kiddie. Let me explain why he is gay and lies all the time. 

Lies and too many lies

The uneducated people of Bangladesh think that the so called “BlackburnHacker” is a great asset to their people, to defend their cyberspace. Since they don’t have real hackers, they have to worship the script kiddie that is for sure. The Bangladeshi media portrays script kiddies names as the hackers. Those script kiddies are criminals, who are hacking and defacing other people’s websites without any reasons. The security experts know that when they see the actions posted on facebook and blogspot they can identify who the hacker is and what kind of hacker(s) they are. The following will explain why these hackers are liars and will show you why they are rookies. 

1 - He named a virus called “Naka” worm – only fools will give a virus a name. 

Coders who create malicious programs (virus) would never name the virus themselves. Only antivirus companies (such as Norton, McAfee etc) will name the virus for identification of malicious program.  The so called hacker “BlackBurn” used a virus creator to generate a Trojan. The Trojan identified as Dropper Gen by AntiVir (Security Company), other security companies named it as Win32.Meredrop. 

“BlackBurn” deep down knows that he is a fraud and not a real hacker (more of a wanna be). Also he never mentioned that his account was compromised by Burmese hackers, they found his email address and password in the worm which later got deleted.  Read No 3 of this page - http://www.blinkhackergroup.org/2012/06/warrning-naka-virus.html

 2 – He is a fraud & a lying cocksucker – he tried to create another worm called “Naka worm v1”

After a feeble attempt to infect with the Naka.exe (a1b720650f4e943a13a1f97623ce98c9) file, he later announced on Facebook that he will try and infect other machines with another powerful virus; true to his rookie cause he actually google’d a virus – flame virus. He posted the link in Facebook in the hopes to try and infect users’ machines. 

We exposed his failure to infect users with the flame virus with the following post - http://www.blinkhackergroup.org/2012/06/flame-aka-skywiper-aka-flamer-viri-with.html
after we posted above, he said that as follow:
আর এই Worm টিতে Flame এর টা Module Use Kora For Spreading , Nothing Else !! এবং এইটা Execute Kore Auto, That Means Unzip করলেই , কারণ এইটা Flame না , Flame এর টা Module Use করা .

Google Translation:
I am of the Flame Worm then Module Use Kora For Spreading, Nothing Else!! And it Execute Kore Auto, That Means Unzip that, because I do not Flame, Flame of the Module Use the up. 

Our translation:
I am using flame worm module to use for Spreading, nothing else!! And execute the file, I mean unzip that file, I use only flame module, I don’t use Flame.

Clearly he is trying to make himself look like the guys who hacked into Microsoft… with the exception of using google as the resource rather than his mind. Look at what he was responding to people of Bangladesh, only fools agreed with him. Even the basic computer users know that this cock sucker is a liar.  He said he used Flame Module…… really – there is no such thing as a module of flame. He doesn’t even know what a Lua is either. He is not a game developer, he is just a script kiddie and a lying son of a bitch. Just to reiterate there is no such thing as a module to develop a virus.

3 – Fail attempt to make the Burmese people look bad.
First of all the Burmese hackers did not announce that they will infect any Bangladeshi people with any viruses. We (Blink Hackers Group) are only focused on Cracking, Hacking, Reverse Engineering to develop skills in the security field.
Another example of BlackBurns so called genius is the following – We have now cracked two of his viruses (that he google’d)…. Now to show he is the great man he is claiming that he cracked a virus developed by a Burmese coder. This would be pure genius except there was no Burmese developer who created a virus to crack. In addition Burmese coders do not use viruses at all let alone a virus called - Backdoor Win32 hupigon to infect Bangladesh. And we know all archives of Virus & threats of F-secure.

BlackBurn copied all the descriptions about the virus Backdoor Win32 hupigon from an online site (http://www.f-secure.com/v-descs/backdoor_w32_hupigon.shtml). He then added a post on http://blackburnhacker.blogspot.com/2012/07/myanmar-kids-havejiexe-exposed.html about the virus.... when in fact he copied most of the information from f-secure site and only added in the prevention paragraph. He didn’t acknowledge that most of the information was courtesy of f-secure.

Now we will leave in your minds to determine who is a fraud and a liar. In conclusion of this topic you can all see these Bangladeshi people are liars and they will never admit the shameful acts they commit.